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Thank You

Hi All,

Thank you for visiting us. Cheers!


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Kampung Kasih Preschool

The Children's Playground
Growing, Playing, Learning & Living Together ... as nature intended
健康快乐成长, 轻松愉快学习

Welcome to Kampung Kasih Preschool
Early Years Creative Learning, Active Play (CLAP) program

Our Curriculum
Our program is structured to provide a gradual transition from life at home to life in Preschool. It is based on the simple, yet profound concepts of imitation, repetition, and creative play.

In our program, your child will gradually become accustomed to working within a group, listening to stories, interacting with the teacher, and following a daily routine, while at the same time, being aided in his or her development as an individual through the encouragement of creative play, practical life skills and artistic opportunities.

The environment
Kampung Kasih Preschool provides a homely, friendly and safe environment to support the learning experiences of the young child. We allow children the freedom to play, discover and develop naturally without stress or pressure.

“a natural & wholesome preschool education with vegetarian meals"

For more information, please email us at kampungkasih@yahoo.com

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The Children's Diet @ Kampung Kasih Preschool

Here are some of the activities your child will experience:

The children have a long period of time during which they are encouraged to imagine and play with a wide variety of natural materials and playthings, following their own initiative. During this time, the teacher is involved in preparing the snack, sewing, cleaning, making toys or any other practical activities whereby the children are welcome to participate. An atmosphere of work and play permeates the room. Through creative play time, the children learn how to play together, it is a core learning times, where socialization, sharing, taking turns and good/true work are learned and practiced.

(Being able to follow a train of thought or carry a task to completion is very important to later schooling; eg., solving complicated math problems or writing a report, as well as throughout life!)

It is a social and relaxed time where the children and teacher come together as a group and eat as a family. Together we prepare food with care and respect. The meal than is served and eaten in a spirit of love and gratitude. Afterwards, we clear the table and wash our dishes.

(The children learn social skills, listening, talking, sharing and helping others. At the same time, on gratitude for the food and on table manners that sets the stage for a lifelong social skill.)

Wet-on-wet watercolour painting, beeswax modelling, crayon drawing, as well as various forms of handwork such as simple sewing and woodworking, are done as group activities or as individual initiative of a child.

(These activities give the child the opportunity to experience the natural sense of beauty, colour and form as well as laying the groundwork for artistic techniques which will be needed later. They also aid in the development of fine motor skills and give the child’s a means to express the child’s inner development.)

Part of the daily experience is tending to the domestic life such as cleaning, cooking, repairing, gardening and self care (e.g. toileting, washing hand, cleaning/washing self).

(Involving the children in the practical activities and care of their materials, their environment, and themselves, the children learn to use their practical life skills to care for their environment or help others in a real way. E.g. Through baking/cooking, the children practise their co-ordination, their fine and gross motor skills, making something real and delicious which can be shared with others )

During the course of the day, the children are gathered to hear a story tell/read by the teacher. The story is repeated for a number of days/weeks. This appeals to the children's love of repetition and rhythm. The story may be a simple story about nature or life, or a fairy tale with all its hidden truth.
(Through story telling, the children learn to develop good listening skills, as well as an appreciation of sound/language, concentration and memory capacities. A well chosen story can help in the children’s emotional development and can be very healing and memory of good stories help to develop rich inner life and sense of right and wrong.)

The class is brought together to sing songs/recite poems or verses together with the teacher.

(Through music and movement, the children get to develop physically and intellectually, they acquire language and numeric skills (counting rhymes and ring games), spatial and social awareness, and of course musical appreciation.)

Similar to the indoor creative play time, the group is taken outdoors to experience the wonder of nature, the elements, and the possibility of real adventure in the garden.

(Through outdoor play and gardening, a sense of wonder and love of nature is nurtured in the children. A child who has had an experience of nature can enter very deeply and comfortably into later studies of plants and animals, the weather, geology, astronomy, and other natural sciences. Extensive outdoor experiences also hone the child's observation skills.)

As the Earth breathes through her seasonal changes, also do we celebrate festivals which reflect both the development and mysteries of evolving humanity. The ongoing celebration of the festivals/seasons (e.g. harvesting) provide the child the opportunities to express awe, wonder and gratitude for the earth, others and oneself.

(Celebrating together lays the groundwork for cultural and social diversity.)

Each individual child's birthday is prepared for and shared within the group as a festival of acknowledgement.

(The celebration gives the birthday child and his friends to experience joy and wonder, giving and receiving, caring for others, and also a sense of being special and valued for the birthday child.)

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The Rhythms

Monday - Painting

Tuesday - Crayon Drawing

Wednesday - Playdough/Bees Wax

Thursday - Hands On/Craft

Friday - Cleaning/Mending/DIY etc

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The Readers' Corner Update

Kampung Kasih Readers' Corner

We have books on:
~Education (Waldorf-Steiner, Montessori)
~Children Fiction & Non Fiction
~Adults Fiction & Non Fiction

Please ask for our book/material lists on loan.


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